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Willow Island
Willow Island
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Located in the centre of  Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, this park (officially known as Wascana Centre, covers a total area of 2300 acres (930 hectares) . Land 2000 acres (810 hectares), Water 300 acres (120 hectares). One of the largest urban parks in North America, (before you ask, Central Park in New York City is 834 acres) has been witness to the  changing times of not only the city and the province, but the nation as a whole.

The fact that this park exists is credit to those who saw the potential of creating what can be described of as an oasis on the prairie.  The park, as well as the  City of Regina,  has gone from a treeless spot on a map, to a place of wonder.  Those of us who have grown up with the park cannot truly appreciate the changes, as those who are returning after years of absence experience.

Whether you are from nearby or afar, enjoy your online visit, and perhaps we will see you here someday.

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