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University of Regina

Darke Hall and Conservatory.
College Avenue Campus
Wascana on the Web Photo

Main Campus view from the
Wascana Parkway Overpass

U. of R. Main Campus

Wascana on the Web Photo

1990's Postcard.
Classroom Building and 
Lab Building

Postcard Photo

Late 1970's Early 1980's Postcard
Postcard photo

Postcard Photo

" Since its completion in 1929, Darke Hall has echoed with the sounds of such great stars as Sir Henry Lauder, Fritz Kreisler, Madame Schumann Heink and Galla Curci, to name only a few. The second building is known as the Conservatory and is home to the Conservatory of Music. The College Building is the third building and contains the offices of the University Extension which offers Certificate Programs and Off-Campus Degree Credit Programs. When first established in 1911 by the Methodist Church of Canada, the east building served as a Normal School for the training of Saskatchewan teachers. By 1929 a women's residence and a gymnasium were completed. The depression of the 1930's brought with it finacial restraits and the church then transferred the college to the University of Saskatchewan."
(Info From Wascana Pamphlet)

" The University was initially established as the Regina Campus of the University of Saskatchewan, but became an independent institution on July 1, 1974. "
(Info From Wascana Pamphlet)
(WCA Pamphlet)

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